If you’re making a documentary, mockumentary, vlog, or even something as simple as a video to immortalize a celebration, then a shoulder rig for your camera is a great investment. These important camera cages can convert your DSLR into a full-fledged camcorder capable of recording incredibly high-quality videos. Below, you can learn more about shoulder rigs and decide whether it’s a good investment for your needs.

The Pros of a Shoulder Rig for Making Videos

If you’re a videographer or vlogger who prefers to use a DSLR for your filmmaking needs, then there are at least three reasons why you might consider a shoulder rig.

The Downfalls of Shoulder Rigs

Of course, before you run right out and buy a shoulder rig, there are a couple of potential downfalls to consider, as well.

A shoulder rig for a DSLR camera is one of those camera cages that most people either love or hate, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to your needs and preferences – and your filming style. For many vloggers and filmmakers, a shoulder rig gives them the flexibility they need to make the best possible videos on the move without having to buy an expensive over-the-shoulder video camera, and that makes them well worth the investment.

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