For most people, a camcorder or even a smartphone is all they need to capture their memories. However, for those who want to amplify their videography and produce higher-quality films, camera cages often become necessities. Below, you can learn more about camera cages and what they do so that you can have a better understanding of your needs and the products available to you.

Do You Really Need a Cage at All?

First-timers often wonder whether they need a camera cage at all, and this is especially true when they have an excellent camera or smartphone that takes high-quality videos without one. Camera and smartphone cages do far more than simply improve video quality, however. They also protect your camera or smartphone and all the accessories you may choose to use with it. What’s more, it makes it much easier for you to handle your setup, especially if you choose to use microphones, zoom lenses, or other attachments that may otherwise make your camera cumbersome.

Not All Cages are Universal

Now that you’ve decided a cage is the right way to go, it’s important to consider the bevy of options available to you. Though many camera cages are universal, some were designed only to work with a specific brand, model, or model range. It’s important that you narrow down your selection to cages that were designed to work with your camera or smartphone. Even if the listing says universal, be sure to read the description and any reviews carefully before you make your purchase.

What Attachments Will You Use?

No two camera cages are exactly the same, so make sure that you’ve thoroughly considered the attachments you will be using before you buy your rig. For example, are you going to be attaching an external microphone, zoom, and flash? If so, make sure the cage you buy not only has the room for these accessories, but also provides you with the right features designed to allow for easy connections. If you’ll only be using an external flash or ring light, for example, then you may only need a camera rig that allows for basic attachments. The possibilities are endless.

Should You Get More than You Need?

Finally, when it comes to the simplicity of the camera cage you purchase, it may be a good idea to buy a little more than you need – especially if it’s your first cage. Many videographers buy a rig expecting that they will only attach a light or a zoom lens, only to find out later that they should have purchased a rig that allows for several more accessories. If you’re an inexperienced videographer and you aren’t sure which accessories will best suit your filming needs, buy a rig that allows for at least a couple extra attachments in various configurations. This way, no matter what you decide, you won’t find yourself with a rig that you can’t use.

Camera cages are quite simple accessories, but for those who are new to the videography world, the massive selection can be a bit overwhelming. To start, make sure that you learn all you can about the cages that fit your specific camera, then choose one that seems to best suit your individual needs – with a little room to grow, too.


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