Vblog cage for Sony RX0 II


Vloggers who want the perfect professional camera cage for filming with their Sony RX0 II cameras rely on this product for its numerous benefits and features. These include:

  • A professional-looking aesthetic feel and design;
  • Numerous 1/4″ screw holes for attaching multiple pieces of equipment
  • An included standard GoPro adapter located at the bottom of the cage that can be utilized to connect any GoPro device you might have;
  • Allowances for the use of a 37mm lens filter and protection cover;
  • Super-quick installation and attachment to tripod; and
  • Arri locating holes to attach a Magic Arm or similar product.

The aluminum alloy cage is both attractive and comfortable to use, making it the perfect addition to your RX0 II camera gear. It weighs only 0.13kg, which means it will not add unwanted weight to your camera and you can film comfortably for hours.





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