Smartphone video rig


Today’s smartphones produce incredible videos, and many vloggers even prefer them to traditional camera setups. This smartphone video rig is a great option for shooting professional-quality video with your 6.6-inch or smaller smartphone.

  • Allows for safe installation of mobile phones for filming.
  • Handle can be installed on either side for both landscape and portrait films.
  • Comes equipped with a spring clamp and soft pad to hold the device securely without scratching it.
  • Offers multiple cold shoe interfaces as well as 1/4″ interfaces on the top for installing various accessories.
  • The lightweight design allows for continuous handheld use.
  • Comes with 1/4″ screw posts and threaded holes on the handle that can be connected directly or used to attach accessories.
  • Can hold virtually all mobile phones 6.6 inches and under safely.

Both the smartphone/mobile phone camera cage and the handle grip are included in the package. Though constructed of ABS steel, it weighs only 170 grams.





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