Magic Arm – Adjustable Robust Articulating Friction Black


Of all the tools vloggers and filmmakers rely on to make the very best, highest-quality videos they can, a Magic Arm is by far one of the most important. This iteration is adjustable, robust, durable, and affordable, making it ideal for filmmakers of any experience level.

Features include:

  • A double ball head with 1/4″ screws on each for creating a professional rig that produces studio-quality films;
  • The ability to attach everything from LED video lights to external microphones and more;
  • Exceptional camera support that provides shake-free stability during filming;
  • Monitor and LED light mounting via the shoe mount;
  • Long-lasting durable quality at an affordable price point;
  • Single lock knob for quick and safe operation; and
  • 180-degree articulation for getting the perfect angle for all your filming needs.

The Magic Arm is constructed of aluminum alloy and stainless steel for the perfect blend of durability, strength, and lightweight comfort weighing in at only 260 grams.





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