camera cage for Canon M6 Mark II


When you choose a camera cage that was specifically machined for your model, you can feel comfortable that your camera is far more protected. This camera cage was made for the Canon EOS M6 Mark II and does not block any ports, the screen, buttons, or battery cover. Features include:

  • Full extensions with two cold shoe and 1/4″ screw holes to suit all your necessary filming accessories;
  • Solid, strong cage built from aluminum alloy that offers up incredible durability and rust/corrosion prevention without adding extra weight to your rig (only weighs 153 grams);
  • Arca-Swiss quick-release plate for incredibly fast setup on your tripod, which makes getting the perfect shot at the perfect time much simpler;
  • Built-in screwdriver so you are never stuck without the tools you need;
  • Does not block the camera’s flash – a common issue with many universal camera cage options;
  • Far more comfortable and stable camera use with the addition of the cage.






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