BMPCC 4K / 6k Camera Cage


Users of the Black Magic Pocket Camera (4K or 6K versions) now have access to a durable, lightweight, and fully-functional camera cage system at an affordable price. This option offers all the benefits you need to customize your rig for one-on-one interviews, vlogs, and more. It includes:

  • Anti-twisting technology to prevent camera damage and improve stability;
  • Heat dispersion technology to reduce overheating and prevent damage to your camera;
  • Form-fitting design for the BMPCC 4K and 6K to ensure that your battery door, cables, ports, and buttons are never blocked;
  • 1/4″ screws on top and bottom to lock the cage securely;
  • Locating pins and rubber pads to provide additional protection;
  • Multiple mounting interfaces including numerous 1/4″ and 3/8″ screw holes perfect for flashes, monitors, microphones, and other accessories;
  • A unique finish that helps to improve grip and prevent the camera from slipping from your hand during use.

The cage is constructed of a high-tech aluminum alloy that is both durable and rust-resistant while weighing in at only 460 grams.





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