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camera lens

What is an Anamorphic Camera Lens and What Does It...

With all the camera accessories available to filmmakers and videographers today, it can be difficult to decide which ones you […]

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buy camera cage online

Things to Consider When Buying Your First Camera Cage

For most people, a camcorder or even a smartphone is all they need to capture their memories. However, for those […]

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video stabilization

Physical vs. Optical vs. Digital Video Stabilization: Which Should You...

Anyone who’s ever attempted to record a video on their phones or cameras while walking knows that keeping the image […]

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filmmaking products

5 Ways the Right Camera Equipment Helps You Get the...

There’s no denying that today’s digital cameras and smartphones have come a long, long way since their early predecessors. They […]

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shoulder rig

Making a Movie? Here’s Why You Need a Shoulder Rig...

If you’re making a documentary, mockumentary, vlog, or even something as simple as a video to immortalize a celebration, then […]

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7 Must-Have Camera Gadgets for Optimal Filmmaking

If you’re working hard to be a successful vlogger with a massive following, then you’re probably already aware that it’s […]

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