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Making a Movie? Here’s Why You Need a Shoulder Rig for Your Camera

If you’re making a documentary, mockumentary, vlog, or even something as simple as a video to immortalize a celebration, then a shoulder rig for your camera is a great investment. These important camera cages can convert your DSLR into a full-fledged camcorder capable of recording incredibly high-quality videos. Below, you can learn more about shoulder rigs and decide whether it’s a good investment for your needs.

The Pros of a Shoulder Rig for Making Videos

If you’re a videographer or vlogger who prefers to use a DSLR for your filmmaking needs, then there are at least three reasons why you might consider a shoulder rig.

  • It changes others’ perceptions. If you show up in Times Square with a DSLR to film people walking around, nine out of 10 of those people will assume you’re taking stills – and they’ll treat you as such. When you mount your camera on a shoulder rig, there’s no question that you’re recording a video.
  • You probably won’t film an entire video from a stationary point of view, so if you need to move, a shoulder rig makes this incredibly easy. Better still, you won’t be forced to adapt everything to suit your tripod, and you won’t have to hold your camera in your hand.
  • Finally, a good shoulder rig offers plenty of accessories and features that will help you record stable video – even if you have to run to get your shot. Though some shaking and vibration can add a bit of depth to your video, too much can make footage unwatchable.
  • There’s no other piece of equipment that affords you the ability to shoot footage on the run as comfortably as a shoulder rig, especially if you choose one that’s lightweight and properly padded.

The Downfalls of Shoulder Rigs

Of course, before you run right out and buy a shoulder rig, there are a couple of potential downfalls to consider, as well.

  • They’re pretty bulky. A shoulder rig is a bulky piece of equipment that can be difficult to travel with. If you’re taking public transportation or riding somewhere with friends, finding a place to stash it can be difficult.
  • They can be expensive. Though there are some people out there who claim shoulder rigs are too expensive for the benefits they offer, others disagree. A good shoulder rig can provide the cameraman with comfort and flexibility that allows him or her to film for hours on end, and for some, this is well worth the investment.
  • A DSLR is not meant to be an over-the-shoulder camera. Finally, keep in mind that there is no combination of accessories that will allow even the best DSLR to create film as beautiful and stable as an actual over-the-shoulder camera like those used to film TV series and movie.

A shoulder rig for a DSLR camera is one of those camera cages that most people either love or hate, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to your needs and preferences – and your filming style. For many vloggers and filmmakers, a shoulder rig gives them the flexibility they need to make the best possible videos on the move without having to buy an expensive over-the-shoulder video camera, and that makes them well worth the investment.

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