7 Must-Have Camera Gadgets for Optimal Filmmaking

If you’re working hard to be a successful vlogger with a massive following, then you’re probably already aware that it’s important to have a great camera for filmmaking capable of creating amazing video. A camera can only take you so far on its own, so you’ll also need several attachments and camera gadgets to really get the most out of it. Here are seven you need to check out.

#1 – Extra Batteries

There is nothing worse – and we mean nothing worse – than being in the perfect place for the perfect shot or segment, only to have your battery die right in the middle of it. Sometimes you only get one chance to get it right, so it’s best to be prepared. Always keep extra fully-charged batteries for your camera on hand. Always.

#2 – Camera Cages/Camera Rigs for Filmmaking

Camera rigs come in a huge range of sizes and types, and they all have their own unique features. If you’re a run-and-gun type of vlogger, then you should have a rig that keeps your camera stable and balanced. Conversely, if you’re a stationary vlogger who films sitting or standing in a studio, go for a larger mountable rig with plenty of space for your other gadgets.

#3 – A Ring Light

Almost every single vlogger out there shoots at least part of his or her content in “selfie” mode with the camera trained on themselves. Though there are tons of lights you can use for the perfect quality video, nothing is as simple, as portable, or as effective as a classic ring light. The best part? These attach to virtually any camera rig fairly easily, making them perfect for beginners with little videography experience.

#4 – Lenses

There’s no one lens (or set of lenses) that works perfectly for all vloggers, so this is one of those cases where you’ll need to really consider your video style, needs, and preferences before reading reviews. If you aren’t sure where to start, there’s one particular lens type that almost every vlogger or filmmaker uses – a fixed prime lens. It has a large aperture, so it creates better quality videos even in less-than-optimal lighting situations.

#5 – Smartphone Lenses

Unless you take your camera with you everywhere you go, you will undoubtedly find yourself in a position where you will want to use your smartphone to capture some video, whether it’s for primary vlog content or for B-roll footage. Today’s smartphones are incredible but having a set of quality lenses takes things to a new level. You can find rather good smartphone lens sets online for anywhere from $20 to $50, so they’re affordable, too.

#6 – A Good Tripod

No matter how fancy your camera rig might be, there will always come a time when all you need is your trusty tripod. However, not all tripods are created equal. Look for one that is lightweight and portable, yet capable of supporting at least 1.5kg. Remember – always consider the weight of your camera with your heaviest lens attached when buying a tripod.

#7 – An Off-Camera Flash

Most of today’s cameras – even budget cameras – have flashes attached to them. This makes things incredibly convenient and gives you plenty of flexibility in terms of your videos and thumbnail photos. However, an off-camera flash provides you with better lighting at night and can help you reduce harsh shadows during the day. Ideally, find one with wireless TTL flash control that allows you to sync your in-camera and off-camera flash perfectly.

Though there are plenty of other accessories that can make photography and videography simpler and better quality, these are the seven camera gadgets you really need to get started. A camera, camera rig, tripod, off-camera flash, extra batteries, and a ring light (along with some lenses for your smartphone) will go a long way to help you always capture the perfect shot or video.

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